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McDonald Targets 9,000 Restaurants by 2027

McDonald Targets 9,000 Restaurants by 2027

McDonald has big plans. By 2027, the well-known fast food company wants to open more than 8,800 new restaurants and add 100 million more people to its loyalty program. Let’s get into the juicy specifics of McDonald’s big plans.

Adding to the McDonald family

McDonald Targets 9,000 Restaurants by 2027

McDonald’s recently announced its long-term plan to increase sales and grow its chain of restaurants. Even though there are worries about the economy and weight-loss products on the market, the company is eager to show that people still want their Big Macs and McNuggets.

McDonald: What’s on the Menu for Bigger and Better?

McDonald’s is making something new that will make us want to come back for more. Their famous burger is getting better, and they’re putting more attention on their chicken dishes. That sounds good, right?

Coming up with plans for the future McDonald

It is planned that by 2024, McDonald’s will have added 4% more restaurants, which will bring in 2% more sales. Then, they want to have a growth rate of 4–5% per year. They’re ready to spend a lot of money—$2.5 billion just on capital costs in 2024—to make it happen.

Global Takeover: 50,000 McDonald Around the World

Imagine that there are 50,000 McDonald’s stores in the world! That’s what McDonald’s wants to happen in 2027. At the moment, they have more than 41,000 sites, and they want to be the biggest in the world. Starbucks, on the other hand, wants to have 55,000 shops by 2030.

The US and international markets will get extra attention.

In the next few years, McDonald’s wants to open 900 new restaurants in the United States and almost 7,000 in other countries. This includes France, Canada, Australia, and China, which has 20,000 to 25,000 McDonald’s restaurants and is seen by CEO Chris Kempczinski as a possible goldmine.

Hello, CosMc’s! We’re a McDonald’s spinoff.

McDonald’s isn’t the only name the company has. They are also trying out a new one called CosMc’s. By the end of 2024, ten sites will have opened. The first one opened this week in Illinois.

Being loyal pays off

That’s not all McDonald’s does; it also tries to keep customers coming back. Its goal for its loyalty program to have 250 million active users by 2027, which is a huge number. This program is a hit; it’s increasing mobile sales and getting people to keep coming back for more fries and fun.

Accepting a Future Without Cookies

A lot of third-party data is being lost, so McDonald’s is stepping up its reward program. They’re collecting a lot of information through their mobile app by giving customers more ways to earn points and extras like sending points to friends.

Google Cloud and Tech Partner

McDonald’s is in more than just the burger business; they’re also getting into technology. The business has teamed up with Alphabet’s Google Cloud to use AI to make restaurant processes better. The goal of this partnership is to make dining better for both customers and workers around the world.

What Will Happen Next?

McDonald’s isn’t going to slow down. They’re clearly getting ready for an exciting future, with big plans to grow, a new brand, and a loyalty program that keeps getting bigger. Hold on tight, because McDonald’s is about to bring you more fries, fun, and maybe even some treats!